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After 10 years in the industry, we decided to alter direction. Now, we share our passion by helping others. Our ramp up process is designed to empower your team.

Why Us?

 Agility of cloud-native applications via a customizable two-track offering. The first track supplies comprehensive transformation services, which includes assessing your organization’s current portfolio and automating application transformation, at scale, for as many legacy systems as needed. 


Business transformation experts!


Transformation requires strategic alignment with all business and technology leaders  across a single  delivery cycle . 

Example: Your company is in the Finance, Health Care, or Insurance Industry and decides to migrate to the cloud.  

Problem Statement -

You are using Agile - Scrum as methodology of practice and begin to analyze the resource you want to move to the cloud, you feel your teams have the project under control and all possible risk are accounted for and have Executive team to sign off on moving forward with the migration.

During migration things begin to fall apart:

  • Build out of the target environment seem ok until key resources migrated during the pilot or POC continue to fail or not meet standard metrics and controls.
  • Testing teams cant figure out the primary issue 
  • Architecture teams explains in a settle way that issues stem from components either not accounted for in the initial phase of the Business Architecture design or some external resource that needs to be acquired to get integration  services to function properly 
  • This fix cost pushes your budget out far pass expected goal impacting ROI, speed to market and  ability to deploy new services and products 

Solution - 

Pericula Solution would recommend in a situation like this the following mitigation strategy:

  1. Value stream mapping of the design and migration path for the resource in question
  2. Analyze all key regulatory and business controls for that resource in question 
  3. Devise a migration strategy the eliminates waste and risk  build out a new target state environment 
  4. Migrate one service at a time allowing business owners to test and measure regulatory controls first  , the measure business controls second and final SME (Subject Matter Expert)  testing to ensure all  functional controls tied to operational processes meet operational metrics.
  5. Education and Mentor-ship Program for leaders - looking at Macro to Micro culture communication redefining inputs and outputs base on how each teams triggers for beginning and ending work.  Realigning artifacts with product or resource ROI across Agile, SCRUM, SaFe practices.

Pericula Solution will develop

  • ongoing support plans 
  • build real time dash boards to provide managers with what expenses to expect monthly for cloud services by process or mission critical resource.
  • Project reporting outlining key metrics and controls 

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